Gucci Nursing Scrubs

How much does one have to trust and or know one’s physician or nurse to get naked for them?

It seems interesting that we make most people jump through hoops to see us naked but any one wearing scrubs and a stethoscope or rubber gloves can poke and prod us as he/she pleases and tell us we are a little too fat, or need to lose weight, or tell us any number of embarrasing things.

So how well do you have to know the persons inside the scrubs?

And could this become a new night club fashion statement?

How knows!

They could come out with Armani scrubs for men and Gucci scrubs for women.

If your mother wants you to marry a doctor you could say “See. I do listen.”

Is it any wonder “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scrubs” and “ER’ are so popular? It is the fashion.

Thank you for answering.

there are some professional ethics these men of medicine has to follow. its about commitment, you commit yourself to be examined by the doctor, wether shell do it good or not.

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